Why? God.

Why. God. – Two words that it’s fair to say we have all uttered at some point in our lives. If you haven’t then I’m sure I won’t be too blunt as too say it may not be too long before your joining the rest of us in crying out this same plea.

But as I sit alongside students or have phone calls with friends its not too long before the question of ‘Why’ rears its ugly head. The pandemic has potentially brought this to light more so than in previous times, when we just feel so out of control than ever before. When we are just looking for answers to some of life’s seemingly unanswerable questions.

Much like everyone else I too have been wrestling with all these WHY questions and have taken to a new form of media, to try and process all of this. I’ve popped it in below. It’s my first attempt at a spoken word. Here goes…

Here are the lyrics… just encase spoken word isn’t your thing.

Why. God. 

Sometimes it’s okay to ask why, right!? To scream at the Lord and look up, shake our head and just cry. 

I guess it’s okay to ask why? But not for forever, cause that’s when we lie. We lie awake and scream as we dream as we long for a life we have not been given. That has played out as if we have not been offered a decision.

Why O why is what we all cry. when we turn the TV only to see the COVID pandemic is still the bad guy. When will we reunite with loved ones again, when will tiers once refer only to cakes and not our freedom in the end. Will I ever hug my friends tightly and smell the taste of the cooking or laugh at them and smile politely.

When will you, God, bring this pain to an end? Why O why is this happening, it just makes no sense? I mean Don’t you see we’re all suffering down here, with our famine and wars coming out of our ears. Not to mention everyone with their political agendas. You can blame us human lot, right cos we’re a pretty disgraceful bunch, there’s no point trying to be pretenders – is there? 

But that’s when we say it’s ok not to be ok – thats what they all say anyway!?! The truth is too uncomfortable to bear, cos it’s not our fault it’s yours – are you there?

But it’s more than that we want to be satisfied, but we run around all filled with pride. There’s a hunger in our soul that longs for more, more than this world can provide. it’s a longing beyond the thrill. The thrill of the chase, the thrill of the catch and the thrill the now. There’s an emptiness inside that cannot be filled and it comes with each why and longs to be killed.

That’s why we need to know. Why the how wont do, the pain won’t subside and simply won’t go. You see God if you’re there and listening up. Could you hear our pleas, we are on our knees. This a desperate cry for your people are lost and just need to know Why.


Why God as we sit in our houses alone, this pandemic sucks we all groan.

Why God as we mask up clinging to hope, were at the end of our ropes

Why God as we fall into disrepair this life just sucks sometimes and is so unfair,

Why God as we look up in vain, screaming out in pain

Why God  are you even there,

Why God do you even care,

Why God, just why…

But that’s when our whys turn into a who!?! As we look up and go WOAH God – is that really you? For you are still here and you’re still God. No matter our fears and no matter our flaws. I mean that’s why, You sent your son.

Jesus. To die on the cross.

 As he hung there giving his life for the likes of us, MY GOD MY GOD WHY, he too would cry. Why have you forsaken me, my God, and why must I die. I know it’s your plan and for that I am here. But father, this sucks, take this cup of suffering from the hands of I.

So Jesus knows what it’s like to question the why, to know the pain and to suffer and die. When he breathed his last breath. And with that it was finished, but by no means the end.  As he rose from the grave again. That’s when he defeated death, he conquered the grave. It was the victory for us and for that we can say he is mighty to save.

Jesus Christ is the answer to all our of whys. When his blood ran red for you and for I.

For my sin, him I can no longer deny. When he took the weight of all my sorrows, he’s the one that gives me hope for all my tomorrows. Jesus is the one that can carry the weight of of our pain, he is the one that can handle all of our shame. And can make us right before God’s throne once again.

So The next time you scream to the Lord and look up, shake your head and just cry. Remember the one who gave his life for your why. Because in all this mess and chaos of life it’s okay to ask why, why us lord, because he hears every why.

He hears me, he hears you. He cares and he knows.

 Knows all about you. He gave his very life so turn your why into a who. For Jesus is the one that we can run to, because he cares for me and he cares for you.

So next time turn your why? … Into a who.

Why? God. – Lynn graham

So next time you stop and scream WHY, try turning that into a who. Remembering that in all the pain and agony there is someone that knows you, that sees you and is there for you. Jesus is that one, that he is by no means diminishing your struggles, but he is taking the weight of them.

How can I say that? Because he gave his very life so that you can know this truth. That in the midst of your questioning and doubts and fears. Even in the joys or celebrations of life you can know that he is the one to run too.

Friends, life is long and hard. Trials come. Temptation is all around. I know that can feel like a plaster on a bullet wound to some of you. For others, you have no idea what I’m on about. But the beauty of this is that Jesus knows each of us, in greater detail than we can ever know or imagine. Hold on to that.

Sometimes we will never know the answer to our questions. We may never know WHY? Why did the pandemic hit? Why did our love one die? Why did the health crisis come? Why did they break up with me? Why…why… why…Why did XYZ have to happen!!! Thats when we need to turn our whys into a who, and run to Christ. For he cares for me, But most importantly. HE CARES FOR YOU.

Let me Know your thoughts, friends. I would be more than happy to discuss this more on any of my social medias or over a zoom/call/coffee.

Ya Homeboi, Lynn xx

Ps, As always if your still here I have some delights for your ears – A few of my favourite songs from the last few weeks :)!

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